antispy 101 - String Encryption

antispy 101: How to use the String Encryption?

In this example of the antispy 101 series, we show how the string Encryption works in antispy. While we explain the basics of the string encryption feature in antispy on the C/C++ Encrypted String page, we would like to use this post to go through a small example of how to use the feature. There […]

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Image: Data Storage in Android and iOS

Data Storage in Android and iOS

In our last article, we wrote about communicating securely with SSL. That is why we are looking at another important issue in this regard today. What about storing data in a mobile application? Data storage is a wide-ranging issue. In the following chapters and articles we look at all the topics in peace. Here, Android […]

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Image: Secure Communication In Apps

Secure communication in apps (SSL)

Understand security risks in apps in our last article. We reported on the general security risks in apps to gain an understanding of the topic. Today we write about Safe communication in apps (SSL). As in our first article Why, is app security important? mentions, the ease of use of SSL does not necessarily mean […]

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Image: Understand security risks in apps.

Understand security risks in apps.

We recently reported on the topic “Why is app security important?.” This is the result of this article series. Today, we are looking at understanding the topic of security risks in apps. To reduce costs, it’s important to build apps that take security into account from the start of development. This allows errors to be […]

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Image: Why is app security important?

Why is app security important?

Our smartphone is an integral part of everyday life. Already 57 million Germans own a smartphone. Whether young or old-the smartphone is ubiquitous and rightly so. Update and addendum from the 20.04.2019: We have formulated a paragraph better in order to avoid misunderstandings with self-signed certificates. […]

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