C/C + + Layout Randomization

Module definition

The layout randomization module from the antispy™ C/C + + product family creates paddings or random-based sctions in a binary by build.

Basically, we distinguish between three species in this module.

Why use a layout randomization?

As an attacker of your software, every hacker and reverse engineer uses heuristics in your code. Data, structures and functions rarely change. Especially if these are in code areas, they are "once developed and then never touched again."

After each update to your application, hackers with created heuristics (patterns) can easily retrieve your data, structures, and features to place an attack.

This is a very large source of attack that we are solving with our layout Randomizer.

With every software build with our antispy™ C/C + + layout randomization technique, data, structures and functions are randomly altered to break heuristics and patterns.

  • Example: Random layout in structures