C/C + + Encrypted String

The antispy™ C/C + + Encrypted String is one of our favorite personal features from antispy™. Static analysis of strings is prevented differently with each build and when developing software, it is not necessary to switch to a complicated setup to use string encrypt


ion. Implementation is very simple. Macros like TEXT are overwritten and the string is automatically transformed into an antispy: String, which are encrypted during compillation. When accessing, the string is implicitly decrypted and provides C + + operators for all normal string implementations.

#include<antispy tring.hpp=""></antispy>

int main (int argc, const char * * argv)
    std:: Cout< text("this="" string="" should="" be="" encrypted="" and="" only="" be="" in="" plain="" text="" on="" the="" stack.")="">< std::endl;></ std::endl;>
    Return 0;