C/C + + Data Randomization

The antispy™ C/C + + Data Randomization provides a random arrangement of static values in the compiled binary. This can break heuristics that find data through Binary Matchings (tokens, API keys, Secret Keys, Secret Strings). By ins


erting the randomly arranged gaps using the macro ANTI _ SPY _ CONST _ DATA _ RANDOMIZER in memory, the string can no longer be found in the binary as a whole. This type of data randomization is also possible for all other const data.

#include<antispy bfuscation.hpp=""></antispy>

ANTI _ SPY _ RANDOM _ DATA const char randomized _ data [] = "hardcoded string";

int main (int argc, const char * * argv)
    make sure reference to gap_0 and gap_1 to have them included in the final binary.
    if (& gap_0! = & gap_1)
        std:: Cout< "randomized="" data:="" "="">< randomized_data="">< std::endl;></ std::endl;>
    Return 0;