C/C + + Obfuscator & Virtualizer

Our C/C + + Obfuscator & Virtualizer is a combination of C + + headers and tools for developing secure software. Used correctly, the combination of our modules and features makes it almost impossible to carry out attacks on your software. Compared to other products, our C/C + + Obfuscator & Virtualizer offers numerous advantages.

What makes our C/C + + Obfuscator & Virtualizer unique?

We have a very clear unique selling point in our product. All protective measures are created by your compiler itself. Our modules and features are a combination of state-of-the-art C + + constructs. We support all current compilers can.

As a result, we create a platform and architectural density that no manufacturer in this product segment offers.

We are committed to fully integrating your build pipeline. This allows us to reach numerous platforms and architectures-Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS-x86/x64 and armv7a, arm8.


  • Seamless integration into your software hack and development environment
  • Seamless integration with any CI & Deployment setup
  • Use state-of-the-art C + + standards to perfect integration into your build environment.
  • Easy integration with other platforms, portray systems or even embedded systems in the course of our software service.

How does our toolchain work?

We are committed to full integration during compillation. In principle, antispy is integrated through a CMake project. However, it is also possible to integrate antispy into other project environments.