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We focus on Security in Software and offer products about security
and seminars about Malware and Reverse Engineering.

Moreover we offer app development with React Native for iOS and Android.

Liasoft Security Appraisal for Secrity in Apps and Software

The Liasoft Appraisal for Security in Apps and Software ( LiGSA ) is a private appraisal commissioned by us.

How does the audit work?

Using reverse engineering, we subject your application to a static analysis. Subsequently, we carry out a runtime analysis in order to determine specific vulnerabilities and attack vectors. If your application requires a user login, we need a trial account to perform a full analysis.

What is checked in the static analysis?

  • Incorrect processing of security-relevant and sensitive data,
  • Serious security holes,
  • Potential security holes,
  • Ways to attack(Man-In-The-Middle, Hooking, Phishing)

What is checked in a runtime analysis?

During a runtime analysis, we specifically attack vulnerabilities found in the static analysis to show you all security vulnerabilities.


You will receive a well-documented report and a guide to the removal of critical issues. The safety of your application is assessed. If you have an Acceptable Security Index (No Fatal Vulnerabilities or Incorrect Processing of Security and Sensitive Data) you will be allowed to use the LiGSA Seal . Our seal stands for maximum security in apps and software and also suggests this to your customers and users of the application.

Additional information

After ordering a LiGSA we need your application as Android .apk file and / or iOS .ipa file. Either get us a download or we can get the application from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. After receipt of payment and transmission of your application, we will prepare the report. The complete analysis and preparation of the report takes four working days.

You will receive the report by e-mail or on request by post.


Liasoft is your partner for reverse engineering and security software seminars.
We offer a variety of training offers. We are happy to treat topics according to your wishes. Contact us and we will plan an individual training package with you.


Liasoft offers a range of topics to be covered in a seminar.

Day 1

We start the first day of our seminars with the world of classic reverse engineering on the desktop.

  • Reverse Engineering – Introduction
  • Desktop Reverse Engineering – Tools & Utilities
  • Reverse Engineering of x86/x64 Software

Day 2

On the second day, we immerse ourselves in the world of mobile reverse engineering and show how fatally many companies deal with critical data in their apps.

  • Mobile Reverse Engineering – Tools & Utilities
  • Reverse Engineering of an Android/iOS App
  • Modding of an Android App

Day 3

On the third and last day of our seminar, we specifically go through advanced topics to attack a software.

  • Network Analysis / Packet Sniffing / Interception
  • SSL & Custom Encryption Bypassing
  • Hooking & Detouring of Functions (Encryption)


We value a nice atmosphere.
For this reason, our seminars and workshops are only held in selected hotels in Germany and Netherlands . We also like to come to you for individual seminars.


Our prices are in net and per person.
For a standard seminar we charge a fee of 3900 EUR.
The price includes hotel accommodation, meals and all the resources you receive after the seminar.

If there are multiple participants from one company, we offer a discount up to 20% for each additional person .


The goal of our products is to set the initial hurdle of a hacker or reverse engineer so high that the cost and effort of an attack on your product does not justify the result.

Code Virtualization

Our products can virtualize critical code.
In each compilation the virtual machine is randomly generated with random opcodes and that just with a "Header-Only" library.


Our String-Obfuscation works different compares to others.
We generate from a string at compile time code that as such is not recognized in common tools like IDA.
Also our string encryption is a "header-only" library.

Anti-Debugging, Anti-Hooking, Anti-Tampering, Anti-Dumping.

Our other modules protect your software from more complex attacks. These modules are currently only implemented for Windows and Android. We work on other platforms.

Request a analysis of your software and we'll reply with a report on software vulnerabilities . In addition, you will receive a non-binding offer of our software anti-spy with the modules that are relevant for your software protection.


You have the opportunity to contact us here. We reply within 24 hours.
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